‘Red Carolline’ Delphinium

It’s not often we get a flower in our shop that completely blows us away. This past week we received a shipment of the most increadably beautiful delphinium we’ve ever laid our eyes on. It’s called ‘Red Caroline’, a salmon red elatum hybrid delphinium. These gorgeous delphinium are grown in Ecuador by a grower which specializes in growing summer flowers.

The ancient Greeks named delphinium for the flower’s resemblance to the dolphin-the Greek word for dolphin being ‘delphis’. Delphiniums are one of the few true blue cut flowers. Cut delphiniums are available in a range of colors-electric blue, light blue, purple, black,lavender, white, like pink and salmon red.

One of the things we look for in flowers we carry at Knight’s is at least a weeks vase life. This variety of delphinium should have no problem lasting at least 7 days. Delphinium are heavy drinkers, so you need to be sure to constantly check the water level. Look for delphinium that still have buds at the top that still haven’t opened. Unlike other spike flowers like gladiolus, delphinium open from the bottom up.

Our flower panel immediately gave the ‘Red Caroline’ delphinium 4 stars (out of a possible 4). Look for this in our store at a very attractive price by the bunch.


Pros: lots of blooms, striking color
Cons: none, outstanding

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