Beanpod Candles Come to Knight’s

You can now find your favorite Beanpod candles at Knight’s! If you’ve never smelled a Beanpod candle, we’ll just say they smell so real you’ll never go back to any other candle. If you’re into aromatherapy, their mood selecter will help you choose which scents you’re in the mood for.

We carry a wide range of scents, both seasonal and year-round, in the Soy Beads, tea light, and 8, 16 and 25 ounce jars. The jars burn for approximately 120 hours (8 oz), 180 hours (16 oz) or 210 hours (25 oz) when you follow their burning instructions. Since soy wax burns cooler than paraffin and the wicks are cotton, Beanpods may burn a little differently than other candles you’re used to.

We’ve even created an arrangement called Flowers and Fragrance that our customers really love. Beautiful flowers and a keepsake candle. 2 for 1!

The Soy Beads can be melted in almost any tart warmer (flame or electric), placed out as pot pourri, or used in vacuum cleaner bags (but not a cannister) to freshen your house when you clean. Soy beads can be mixed and matched to create unique recipes, too! We have some recipe cards at the shop with suggestions, or create your own.

Beanpod candles are made from American grown soybeans, and are made in Iowa. The wicks are made from cotton and are lead free. Soy wax is superior to petroleum-based parrafin because soy wax is:

  • environmentally friendly
  • cleans up with soap and water
  • a renewable and sustainable resource
  • supports farmers

So, stop by Knight’s, and Go Green, Burn a Bean!

2 Responses to “Beanpod Candles Come to Knight’s”

  1. I love Beanpod candles! They have so many yummy smelling fragrances. I also love the fact that they are from American grown soybeans.

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