Just a Single rose

So often in the flower business when we think of roses we think in terms of 1 dozen roses. Here at Knight’s we are famous for our 2 dozen rose specials. We sometimes loose sight of the fact that just a single rose can convey a wonderful heartfelt feeling and have just as much impact as 1 or 2 dozen roses.

Several times a month we have a customer from Norris by the name of Carl that comes in and gets just a single rose to give a friend in the apartment complex he lives in for being such a nice person. This week he came by to get a single pink rose and wanted to share a card he got from a friend he gave a rose to. Below is the message on that card:


I love flowers and I think a flower was one of God’s most phenomenal creations.

Thank you so much for the beautiful rose. In this day and age, it seems like people giving flowers was a thing of the past. It is really nice to know people still give them.

Also thanks for the smiley face.

Thank You,

I tell our employees here at Knight’s a customer that buys just 1 rose is just as good a customer as someone who buys 1 or 2 dozen roses. For several years we had a customer that would come by every week and buy a single yellow rose to put on his wife’s grave. When he past away his family remembered their father’s devotion to his wife memory and knew he came by Knight’s to get the roses. They wanted to make sure they got his casket spray of roses from Knight’s. A single rose ended up turning into a big order. Just a single rose can say it all.

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