What Everybody Ought to Know About Valentine’s

Hey guys and gals, how’s your love life? Is it active, boring, worthless or just wimpy. Do you kiss you spouse or fiancé or lover or girlfriend/boyfriend daily? Once a day. Twice a day. Several times a day. Once a week. Never!? How often do you send flowers to your love one? Weekly. Monthly. Only on birthdays and anniversaries? Or maybe just when you’ve screwed up. Man, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unlocked the keys to the doghouse with our famous roses.

Now there is one time of the year you just can’t be wimpy or screw up. That’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve got to remember to send your true love a big bouquet of flowers, cause I ain’t got enough keys to get you outa that doghouse. No siree! No amount of kissin’ and huggin’ will make up for not sending your sweetheart flowers on Valentine’s Day.

At Knight’s we are here to make that day very, very special. Our designers have been working tirelessly to come up with arrangements that will blow you away. They are sexier (the flowers) than socks on a rooster. We have arrangements with roses in an assortment of colors. We’ve created bouquets of roses and stunning pink oriental lilies. Tulip bouquets are becoming very popular and we have a gorgeous arrangement of 10 sexy red tulips in a vase. Of course, we’ll have our wonderful assortment of chocolates, plush animals and balloons.

A tradition here at Knight’s is our rose feature at Valentine’s. It’s always a non-red rose feature. Did you know that 80% women prefer roses in colors other than red? Because we want to make sure your sweetie pie is happy, huggy and kissy we’ve gone all out to come up with a truly unique rose arrangement this Valentine’s

The rose we are featuring this year is call ‘Fame’. It’s a new rose that just became available this past year. It was born in Holland in 2007. One of its unique characteristics is its unusual color. It’s a silvery, mauvish pink. Light pink roses suggest a sense of fun, happiness and whimsy. It opens up fully and will last well over a week. When we first saw this rose a couple months ago here at Knight’s all our designers screamed “This is it! This is our rose for Valentine’s!” Immediately we made contact with Rio Roses, the world’s most discriminating rose grower. We bought all we could get our hands on. Because this rose is so new there is not a lot of supply out there. You will not find this rose anywhere else but Knight’s Flowers. Place your order early, supplies are very limited.

So now there you have it. Now you know what to get for Valentine’s. Put your faith in Knight’s Flowers to give your flame a Valentine’s they will always remember with roses that they will cherish for days and days.

Check out our complete lineup for Valentines at knightsflowers.com.

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