The Most Amazing Roses I’ve Ever Seen

Groovy Roses

In 30 years of working in flower shops from New York to San Francisco to Clinton I have never been as excited about such an unusual product as I’ve been with our ‘Groovy Roses’.

We got a sample in a few weeks back and set them out for display and customers have gone nuts over them! They can’t believe they are real.  Everybody wanted to buy some. I told they weren’t for sell, but we are looking to carry them in the future.

Well, folks we are going to have some for sell the second week of March for a trial run. Place your order now! They are sure to sell out. We have a very limited quantity.

We’ve tried dyed roses in the past and quite frankly they’ve sucked. Didn’t last very long, never opened, the leaves turned brown, yada, yada, yada. These beauties lasted for over a week! Fantastic for dyed roses. Opened up beautifully and no brown leaves.

How did they do that? The question that everybody asks about with ‘Groovy Roses’ is how they got the petals different colors. The roses are placed in special water. Different substances are dissolved in this water. The rose branch absorbs this water as part of a natural process. This is what changes the color of the petals. What makes ‘Groovy Roses’ unique is that the inventor has managed to color a few petals, for example, yellow, whilst at the same time other petals color differently, for example, blue, orange or lilac. It even proved possible to achieve a range of different colorings in the flower, which as it were fan around one another. This resulted in these unique, colorful and cheerful roses.

Below is a video the how they dye these roses. Unfortunately, it’s in Dutch, but the visuals still impress.

History of Groovy Roses This unusual dyeing process to achieve a rainbow of colors in a rose was originally developed in Holland. They are called in Holland ‘Happy Roses’. Some people refer to them as ‘Rainbow Roses.” At Knight’s we decided to brand them ‘Groovy Roses’. At Knight’s we are the first florist in the area to carry these incredible roses.

Price Some florists around the country are charging as much as $224 for 1 dozen of these roses! Geez! At Knight’s we’ve been able to work with our supplier and get a very reasonable price on these roses. Instead of $224 a dozen we are offering them at only $69.95 a dozen. An unbelievable price for such outstanding rose. We are also offering a number of price points to make it affordable to just about anybody. Starting as low as$12.50 you can have a 1 ‘Groovy Rose’ arranged in a vase.

Hurry and order your ‘Groovy Roses’ todayWe only have them for a limited time. Get your groove on. It’s Groovy Baby

One Response to “The Most Amazing Roses I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. I bought these and had them sent to work for myself and co-workers to enjoy. They are absolutely gorgeous and amazing on how they are made. I really enjoyed them.

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