1825 Picture of a New River Man

Is this the oldest known picture of someone living in Anderson County? I know it’s only a charcoal drawing, but it looks lifelike. Hard to believe that there could be one any older than this that’s dated 1825.

Old John Reynolds

Here’s a brief biography of John Reynolds. Pretty interesting!

John Reynolds (1808 – 1891). My father’s mother’s mother’s father’s father. Born November 12, 1808. According to family legend “Old John Reynolds was the best marksman in New River. He was the last person to kill a bear on New River.” He ran a store and had a turkey shoot. Did extensive logging in the mountain area where he lived and owned some 15,000 acres of land. In his early years rode logs down the rivers to the Mississippi sometimes being gone 6 months to a year at a time. Married November 15, 1840 in Anderson County, Tennessee. Died January 26, 1891 in Anderson County. Buried in the Bunch Cemetery in the New River area of Anderson County.”  From the Cartania Family History

One Response to “1825 Picture of a New River Man”

  1. That is cool, My husband’s family is the Stooksbury’s from the Loyston, TN, which it’s under Norris lake now.

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