The World’s Greatest Dozen Red Rose Arrangement

Over the years at Knights we’ve striven to carry the world’s finest roses. With red roses, we feel it’s very important that we sell only the best, since it’s the most popular color among consumers. During the last 20 years we’ve only sold 3 red rose varieties in our shop-Kardinal, Charlotte and Forever Young.

Our red roses go through rigorous testing before they are ever sold to our customers. We look for vase life, head size, aperture and beauty, plus how well it stacks up against other roses in its category. Sometimes these tests can take months before we add a new rose to our collection.

For the past 10 years we’ve used Forever Young as our premium long stem red rose. We were one of the first florists in the United States to carry this rose. It has truly held its own against every red rose that has come out during this time. It has a phenomenal vase life, doesn’t droop and has a beautiful bloom. Rarely ever did we get a complaint when we sent these out to our customers. There have been a slew of new red rose varieties that have be introduced since we started carrying Forever Young, and we’ve tested many of them, but in our opinion, Forever Young always came out on top.

A Star Is Born

These past few months we have been testing a new red rose that has blown away everybody here at Knights. It has consistently passed every test we’ve thrown at it. ‘Amazing’ is the only way we can describe it. It’s grown for us by the world’s most discriminating rose grower- Rio Roses. We introduced this new red rose Valentine’s Day this year and since then we’ve not had 1 single complaint. Astounding!

The name of this mindblowing rose? It’s called ‘Corazon” . It’s Spanish for heart. If this rose doesn’t stimulate your heart, nothing will. Without a doubt it’s the most breathtaking red rose we’ve ever introduced in the 57 years Knights Flowers has been in business.

What makes Corazon so spectacular?

  • Vase Life-It lasts for up to ten days. We’ve even had some customers that have said it has lasted for them 3 weeks!
  • Doesn’t Droop-The vast majority of roses droop after a certain length of time. It’s normal. Not Corazon. No need for Viagra for this baby.
  • Huge Bloom Size-Corazon has one of the largest bloom size of any red rose on the market. 2.5″ bloom size and a gigantic 5″ across when full open.
  • Opens Fully-Unlike our previous red rose star Forever Young, Corazon opens fully. Nothing worst than a rose that never opens.
  • Beauty-Opens to a classic circular rose shape with a timeless true red color. Petals are firm, almost velvety and leaves are a dark rich green.

We’ve taken these awe-inspiring Corazon roses and created what we call ‘The World’s Greatest Dozen Red Rose’ arrangement. 12 of the most fabulous red roses you’ve ever feasted your eyes on. Arranged in a garden style glass vase with a mixture a classic greens, accented with vibrant waxflower blossoms and ribbon. Sure to set your love one’s heart aflutter.

The World's Greatest Dozen Red Roses Arrangement

4 Responses to “The World’s Greatest Dozen Red Rose Arrangement”

  1. I am looking for the ‘an eloquent rose ‘ that has 26 pedals? My daughter is getting married in a few weeks and I would like to give her a rose as part of my speech – 26 pedals represent her 26 years.

    Any ideas?

    • Jeff, this would be impossible. Every rose has different petal counts. Without taking all the petals off the rose there would be no way to know how many petals are on a rose. Thanks for asking.

  2. Hey Dean,

    Fellow Florist in Jamaica thinking of using Corazon roses for Vday 2012.
    Regarding lasting power how do they fare in oasis foam?
    Is there a preferred flower conditioner Floral life/ Chrysal that works with these roses to extend vase life?

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