Facebook Rosy Business Contest

How would you like for your business to have a free rose arrangement? At Knight’s Flowers we think free prizes shouldn’t just be for individuals. Businesses deserve reconition too. Each Friday Knight’s will anounce the start of our Rosy Business contest. The winner will be announced Monday morning. Simply enter your business name in the comments section and the business with the most likes wins.
1-Business can only win once
2-Business must have a storefront or name on a door if in an office building
3-Flowers will be delivered to the business
4-Business must be in Anderson County
5-In case of a tie, a random drawing will be held
6-Knight’s Flowers reserves the right to disqualify contestants at their decretion

10 Responses to “Facebook Rosy Business Contest”

  1. i like gary’s body shop

  2. i would like to vote for B & M Auto! thank u!

  3. I would like to vote for Faith Hope & Love Photography. Thank You!!

  4. I think Monster Works screen printing in Jackson Square.

  5. I vote for Clinch River Home Health!!

  6. I vote for Clinch River Home Health

  7. Riverview Grill is awesome! I think we have 10 likes now! Yeah!!!!

  8. I vote for clinch river, its a caring place.

  9. This may be this blog’s best blog to date!!

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