Hypericum-a flower with unusual medicinal properties

This flower, which has been around for several thousand years, has only been available in the United States since 2001. Commonly known as St John’s Wort’s, it’s been hailed as a miracle cure from everything from depression, sunburns,insomnia, skin disorders and even bed wetting. Although none of these cures have been scientifically proven.

In the floral industry hypericum is commonly referred to as coffee berries. They look like little berries on a stem and come in a range of warm colors like hues and tints of red, orange, yellow and green. You’ll also see these berries died in colors like blue and purple.

A Knights we use hypericum regularly in our flower arrangements. Hypericum add a rich color to any arrangement and are expecially pretty in fall bouquets. Hypericum are used mainly as a filler and accent flower. They are also very nice in wedding bouquets. Hypericum are the most popular berry producing cut flower ever used in the floral industry and still becoming more and more popular. Hypericumvarieties-painted Care of Hypericum

  • If you buy hypericum loose, recut the stems and put in fresh flower food added water
  • To keep your hypericum looking pretty you can pull off the berries and foliage as they begin to no longer look good
  • Vase life of hypericum should be over a week

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