5 Gifts That Will Drive Your Sweetie Pie Nuts at Valentine’s

 When it comes to flowers for Valentine’s guys can become clueless as to what to get. More often than not they go for the safe bet…Red Roses.
Just the other day I had a young customer come in to buy his girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day. He wanted to really impress her. I showed him a few arrangements and he kept saying “No that’s not impressive enough”. He REALLY wanted to blow her away. So I let it all hang out and sold him a big bouquet of our amazing  Groovy Lovin’ Roses in which each petal is tye dyed along with another dozen red roses added to the arrangement.Now that’s a statement! His bill came to over $200! Wow!

Wanna be a hit Valentine’s and have you bumpkin’ swooning all over you? Here’s 5 can’t miss gifts from Knight’s Flowers:

  • Groovy Lovin’ Roses- The most talked about roses we carry and we only get them at Valentine’s. Each petal is dyed in a rainbow of colors to create the most psychedelic look you’ll ever see in flowers. When your honey bun sees these beauties he’ll be speechless.

Groovy Lovin' Roses

  • Pretty In Pink-Our number one selling Valentine arrangement. Girls just loooove pink. Yep, I know what your thinking…red means love, but pink also means love. This is the most fenimine of colors that coveys caring and nuturing. Induded in this arrangent are one of the gals favoite flowers-pink Stargazer Lilies. With a few red roses added, this stunning arrangement will have your loved one bowled over with joy.v13Pretty in Pink1
  • Valentine’s Jewels Bouquet-Each year we feature a new rose that not red for that descriminating customer that wants something different. This year we are featuring the lavender rose variety called ‘Purple Haze’, with it’s light lavender petals that have hot pink edges on the petals.Valentines-Jewels
  • Chocolates-Sure, we’re a flower shop. We petal flowers. Chocolates? We’ve come across the most mouthwatering  handmade truffles from our chocolatier Sweet Shop USA we’ve ever tasted. Much, much better than that stuff you get at the drug stores. Perfect by themselves or added to a flower arrangement.GOCHOC
  • Red Roses-The most fail safe flowers a guy can give a girl. Are there any gals that don’t like red roses? We carry not just any red rose. We carry the greatest red rose in the world. No, I’m not kidding. We are one of the few florists in the country that carry the beauty called ‘Corazon’ , which is spanish for heart. This rose opens fully into a gigantic garden rose look and best of all it lasts and lasts. For over 10 days! Dozen Red Roses

So there you have it. An insider’s guide for men that gets your the biggest, wettest kiss and bear hug of all time.

Oh, one more thing. If you gals are reading this pass this along to you other half. You know what I mean? Don’t go away disapointed this Valentine’s. Make sure your pootsy wootsy gets his flowers from Knights.

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