I am the owner of Knight’s Flowers , which has been serving Anderson County for over 60 years and is located in downtown Clinton, TN.

This is both my company and personal blog. I write about flowers, food, travel and the area around Anderson County, TN.

Sometimes I write about things that doesn’t fit neatly into any of these categories.

My goal is to help people learn more about flowers and enjoy life around them through flowers, food and travel.

You can follow this blog by clicking on the “Follow this blog by email” on my home page or by RSS feed .

My Biography
 I have worked in the floral business my entire career. I started out in my father’s shop in Lafollette, TN in the late 1970’s after attending the University of Tennessee, where I majored in music.

After a couple years of working for my dad I decided I wanted to live in the big city, since I was culturally inclined. I moved to New York City in the late 1970’s and worked at Scott’s Fourth Avenue Florist. Unfortunately, New York City was very expensive and living there on a flower designers salary wasn’t compatible.

Returning to one of my dad’s shops in Clinton, TN I was determined to live somewhere that had lots of cultural attractions. I had hardly settled in at home till I decided to move to San Francisco within 6 months.

I moved to San Francisco in the early 1980’s and worked for a number of shops in the bay area. While living in San Francisco I developed a serious hearing problem in which I temporarily lost most my hearing, which forced me to move back to Clinton and undergo an ear operation that successfully restored my hearing.

I decided to stay put in Clinton and run my dad’s flower shop there, which I’ve been ever since.

Over the years I’ve been actively involved in local and state florists associations, having served in numerous positions, including president of the East Professional Florists Association several times and have been chairman of the TN State Florists’ Association Convention twice.

I’ve received many awards over the years including Florist of the Year by the East TN Professional Florist Association 4 times and inducted into the TN State Florist Association Hall of Fame.

I’ve taken a passion for the care and handling of cut flowers and have developed a national reputation for expertise in this area. I’ve given workshops over the years to florists on how to make their flowers last longer and which varieties are the best. I’ve written articles in national publications on flower care and have been featured on the cover of 2 national publications. I’ve also been a judge several times at the Society of American Florists annual new varieties competition, where growers from around the world showcase their latest varieties of flowers.

Constantly expanding my desire to learn more about the flowers we sell at Knights I travel the world visiting growers, having traveled to South America, Holland, Europe, California and Canada learning more about the the newest flower varieties.

My Contact Information
 You can contact me via email at dean@knightsflowers.com on Twitter or Facebook or call my shop and ask for me at 865-457-9792.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. How do you know that this is more fact than what Lecia Moreau’s mother and father told her was fact. Have you been to their house in Clinton? Lecia’s father actually went to their house in Lake City and picked one of them up in the ambulance to take to the hospital. This seems pretty factually to me.

    • I had reservations about saying I had some “facts” about the Quack Quacks, since a lot of what was said about them may or was gossip and from second hand sources. The “facts” from even first hand accounts can even be stretched just a bit over time. I had completely forgotten about Lois Irwin’s account from Lecia Moreau’s parents. Obviously, if one of them picked of the Quack Quacks up in an ambulance in Lake City it must be pretty factual. While I know they lived in Clinton, I’ve also been told they did move around, so it stands to reason, especially since they were seen a lot in Lake City that they lived up there to. I’ll be a little more careful stating “facts”.

      Thanks Lois for bring this to my attention and correcting me on the facts.

      • No apology necessary; we were just trying to research this thing to find out and I’ll bet they did live both places. They were a strange group nevertheless. Have a nice day, Dean.

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