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5 Pitfalls to Buying Your Wedding Flowers Online

Many couples has they plan out their wedding stumble across ads on the internet for beautiful wedding flowers that can be shipped to you at prices much lower than your local florist. These ads are temping with beautiful photos of exotic flowers with unbelievable prices. Unfortunately, there are some dangerous pitfalls that brides to be […]

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Peonies-When Tastes Exceeds Budget

Peonies, one of mother natures most beautiful flowers. Big, fluffy and sweet they are the ‘in’ flower for weddings in 2014. ¬†Peonies come in range of pastel and white colors. Unfortunately, peonies have one big drawback for brides on a budget. Price. ¬†Peonies are very expensive. Why are peonies so expensive? It takes a peony […]

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5 ways to do your wedding reception for under $50

One of the last items left on a brides to do list quite often will be decorations for the wedding reception. It can also be something that is over looked when budgeting for the wedding, which means no or little money left for the this important event. What’s a bride to do? Here are 5 […]

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