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The 4 Top Rose Color Trends for Valentine’s

Back in the early 1950’s when Knight’s Flowers started in business in Lake City, just about the only rose color your true love got for Valentine’s was red. A florist might have a few white or pink roses back then, but 60 years later we have kaleidoscope of colors. At Knight’s we carry over ten different rose […]

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The World’s Greatest Dozen Red Rose Arrangement

Over the years at Knights we’ve striven to carry the world’s finest roses. With red roses, we feel it’s very important that we sell only the best, since it’s the most popular color among consumers. During the last 20 years we’ve only sold 3 red rose varieties in our shop-Kardinal, Charlotte and Forever Young. Our […]

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The Most Amazing Roses I’ve Ever Seen

In 30 years of working in flower shops from New York to San Francisco to Clinton I have never been as excited about such an unusual product as I’ve been with our ‘Groovy Roses’. We got a sample in a few weeks back and set them out for display and customers have gone nuts over […]

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